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Welcome to Lion Class

Our teacher is called Jane and our teaching assistant are called Pam (HLTA), Emily, Sue and Vicky.

The children in Lion Class follow 'SPARKLE CURRICULUM' which is delivered in a multi-sensory, creative way which will enables pupils to access learning using their senses through a holistic approach. It has been designed for our pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) who require specialised management for physical disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical needs.



· MOTIVATING Our pupils learn when they are interested, stimulated and engaged.

· RELEVANT It is relevant to the learning styles of the pupils and takes into account their prior knowledge and learning needs.

· CHALLENGING All teaching staff have high and realistic expectations of the pupils and with specialised, inclusive teaching — progress is evident.

· FOCUSED Shared targets from EHCP, Physiotherapists, OT, SALT etc. are central to the pupils provision.


Sparkle curriculum is predominantly made up of sensory themed learning and therapeutic activities. More time will be spent on more beneficial, holistic and individualised activities e.g.  positioning in specialised equipment, visual stimulation, hand and finger work (exploration – sensory play), therapies (hydrotherapy, rebound therapy etc), movement, relaxation, Tac Pac, story massage etc.




  • 12.04.21 - Return to School - Start of the Summer Term.
  • 28.05.21 - Break up for half term
  • 07.06.21 - Return to School
  • 03.07.21 - Saturday - Springwell School - Family Summer Fayre
  • 16.07.21 - Break up for Summer Holidays

Creating our own 'Spain' flags (14.04.21)

Easter Bunnies! (26/03/21)

Lions had lots of fun making Easter biscuits! 26/03/21

Hydrotherapy (24.3.21)

Planting flowers and looking for mini beasts in our garden (22.3.21).

1 year on since the pandemic began (22.3.21)

The children have enjoyed making space helmets (March 2021).

COMIC RELIEF! 19.03.21 Lion Class are having fun today with our red noses!

The children have enjoyed making hot cross bunnies in cookery (March 2021).

The children have enjoyed planting sunflowers in our garden (March 2021).

We have been singing five little men in a flying saucer during sensory maths (March 2021).

We have been listening to the story Whatever Next and exploring a range of props (March 2021).

We have been making some jam sandwiches today! The children thought the strawberry jam was delicious! (10.03.21)

SPRING FLOWERS: We have been exploring our beautiful daffodils in our garden the morning! (09.03.21)

The children have been exploring different multi-textural numbers and reaching out to activate number switches. (08.03.21)

04.03.21 World Book Day - Our children have came to school wearing their pyjama's today. They all brought their favourite bedtime story book to share with their class friends.

01.03.21 COMPLETED HOME LEARNING I am so proud of all the children in Lion Class, they have all worked extremely hard at home last week completing their home learning tasks. I was so impressed with the children's work today! Well done to you all, you are my little super stars! Jane

12.02.21 Lions Class had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year!

10.02.21 IT HAS BEEN SNOWING IN HARTLEPOOL: Bringing the snow into our classroom. The children have been experiencing and exploring the snow! 'Brrrr it was cold!'

09.02.21 - SAFER INTERNET DAY This year's theme is: 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.' We asked parents/carers if they could take a photo of their child (using their I-Pad/Laptop etc) and a family member who looks after them at home while they are using the internet. In school, we took photos of the children using the internet with a trusted member of staff.

01.02.21- 05.02.21 FANTASTIC REMOTE LEARNING: To all the children in my class, you have all worked extremely hard last week at home. I'm so proud of you all. I am so impressed with all your brilliant work! Well done to you all, keep up the good work! I just want to say to your parents and carers, thank you so much for your help and support! Jane

Making a paper plate 'Gruffalo's Child' (January 2021)

We enjoyed making animal foot prints in the play dough today (January 2021)

Making our own foot prints in the snow (shaving foam) - January 2021

Physical Development - The children are looking very tall when positioned in their standers (January 2021)

Mark Making - Exploring paint and making marks (January 2021)

Sensory Story - The Gruffalo (January 2021)

VISUAL STIMULUS - The children experienced tracking multi-coloured, spinning lights in a variety of directions (January 2021).

Lion Class had lots of fun making a banana and raisin loaf today! (January 2021)

Merry Christmas from all the children and staff in Lion Class! xxx

SPRINGWELL SCHOOL - Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our Christmas Song

We all enjoyed participating in the 'Santa Run' this afternoon to raise money for the hospice (December 2020).

ICT- Using a switch, can the children switch the Christmas tree lights on and off? (07.12.20)

We put our Christmas tree up today! (01.12.20)

Art - Creating a picture of a clowns face using their handprint (November 2020)

The children are beginning to mark make using TuxPaint by reaching out, touching and making controlled movements on the interactive board using their hands and fingers.

The children enjoyed the sensory experience of making marks in the sugar, flour, butter and dough. (November 2020)

We had fun this morning dressing the children up as clowns! 20.11.20

Children in Need (13.11.20)

Bonfire Night - Making Firework Pictures and Bonfire Collages (November 2020)

Our Spooky Halloween Cards (October 2020)

Our Halloween Themed Exploration Day (October 2020)

Lions Class had fun making Halloween Biscuits! (October 2020)

Lion Class enjoyed a lovely sensology session.

Lion Class - Topic Web - Our whole school topic this term is 'Entertainment' - Autumn 2020

We have been reading the story: 'Giraffe's Can't Dance'. The children have enjoyed creating their own hand print giraffe (September 2020)

Ayva has been happily, walking around our classroom using her walker. Excellent effort Ayva! (September 2020)

The children in Lion Class are having fun, experiencing and exploring a variety of light sources (September 2020).

We have been making apple, cinnamon and raisin cookies with the children today (September 2020)

We have been exploring and counting apples up to 10. In cookery, all of the children have enjoying taking an active part making some delicious apple crumble! 22.09.20

Jeans for Genes Day! 25.09.20

Making a 3D Birthday Cake (October 2020)

Wrapping Birthday Presents (October 2020)

Making Colourful Birthday Hats


Making Birthday Cards October 2020

Standers October 2020