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22nd February

Hello Elephants! I hope you all had a lovely half term.  Let's get motivated on this Monday morning by doing the Good Morning dance. 

"Good Morning" || Mandisa || Dance Fitness || REFIT® Revolution

Letters and Sounds - This week we are learning about the letter 'e'.  Watch and join in with the letter 'e' song below and then complete the 'Phonics Pattern Tracing Activity' sheet that is in your work pack.  Can you trace over all the lines carefully?  Can you find anything in your house that begins with the letter e?

Jolly Phonics "e" Sounds

Literacy - Our story this week is called 'Starry-Eyed Stan' to fit in with our Science topic 'Oceans and Seashores'.  Read the story below (you also have a copy in your work pack).  Can you name the different Sea Creatures? What type of fish is Stan?  Who wanted to eat all of the fish?  Was he a good or bad character?
Fine Motor Skills - Practise your cutting skills by completing the 'Starry-Eyed Stan Scissor Cutting Skills' in your work pack. 
Maths - Practise your counting skills by completing the 'Under the Sea Counting' sheet in your work pack.  
Well-being - After lunch we usually do yoga.  Make yourself feel good by joining in with the cosmic kids yoga below. 

Saturday Morning Yoga | Under the sea 🐙

PSHE - Now time to have some fun and develop your social skills and turn taking.  Play the 'Starry-Eyed Stan' board game in your work pack with someone in your family.  


Well done Elephants! That's enough for today smiley.