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Hi Dragons,

Today's work is as follows:


Lexia: Please try to access Lexia for 20-30 minutes a day as this will help with your child’s phonics and reading comprehension.


Daily mile: Think of 3 different activities to repeat in a pattern of exercises for 15 minutes - BE CREATIVE!



Recap the previous lessons work on sharing different amounts of objects into equal groups. Read each questions carefully and select the key words and numbers you need to solve the problems. Let me know if you need any further support with these word problems.


Complete the following Math’s word problems involving fractions:


Group 1: Fractions word problems - page 1 (first 9 questions).

Group 2: Fractions word problems - page 2

Group 3: Fractions word problems - page 3

Group 4: Higher word problems



Literacy: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


To find information about a setting from a story.


Read ‘The Chocolate Room’ and watch the scene from the film.

Re-read the chapter and draw a picture of what they think the chocolate room looks like using clues from the story.


Draw, colour and label ‘The chocolate room’. Keep re-reading the chapter back to themselves to find clues from the book.


Group 1: Label your picture with words (adjectives).

Group 2: Write three tick sentences to describe the 'Chocolate Room'. 

Group 3: Write four tick sentences to describe the 'Chocolate Room'. 

Group 4: Write five tick sentences to describe the 'Chocolate Room'. 


Talk about different ways that children have interpreted the story.


Phonics: see below activities:


Group 1 (page 3) & 2 (page 2): Complete page 4 of the ‘oa’ sound booklet. 

Group 3: Complete the ‘tr’ consonant blend worksheet by highlighting the words containing the 'tr' sound. 

Group 4: Complete the ‘ie’ phoneme spotter postcard by highlighting the words containing the 'ie' sound.

Handwriting: complete the next page of your handwriting booklet.


Science: Fossils

Recap the PowerPoint from last week's Science lesson (26-01-21) and make comments on how fossils are formed and explain the difference between a bone and a fossil.


Group 1 & 2: Complete the matching pictures activity.

Group 3 & 4: Complete the attached fossils poster - page 1.

Extension - watch the below video on 'Dinosaur Fossils':


How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum - YouTube 

Enjoy today's lessons and activities!