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24th February

Good Morning Elephants! Hope you are all well.


Letters and Sounds - Listen to the letter 'e' song below and then complete your letter 'e' work book that is in your work pack. 

The Letter E Song - Learn the Alphabet

Literacy - Would you like to be part of 'Stan's singing school?'.  Listen and learn the Makaton 'Under the Sea' song.  Then complete the Starry-Eyed Stan pencil control sheets in your work pack.

Down there Under the Sea with Makaton - Singing Hands

Maths - Next week in Maths we are going to be learning about 'length'.  Watch the 'long and short' video below and then play 'Sizing up' in your homework section on education city. Can you find some long objects in your house and some short objects?  What is the longest object in your house?

Long or Short - Math Song l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Well-being - After lunch means one thing, it's yoga time!  Join in with this fun Dolphin yoga.

Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Art - Practise your colouring skills by completing 'Starry-Eyed Stan colour by number' in your work pack.  Next have a go at drawing your own Stan by following the instructions in your work pack.  




Well done for working so hard.  Hope you've had fun!