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Welcome to Anaconda Class!

We are a Key Stage 2 Autism specific class of 8 delightful children. 



Teacher - Jane

Teaching Assistants - Charley, Louise, Kathryn 

HLTA - Sharron

On this page we will show you some of the great things we get up to and some of the magnificent work we produce. 


10.07.24 We are cheering on England to win tonight! 'Come on England!'

05.07.24 RE; We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Passover. We have been trying some special matzah bread and pretendy wine! We then looked closely at the special foods Jews eat from a Seder plate.

04.07.24 Fitness Music: The children have enjoyed singing and dancing to a variety of songs. Our favourite songs are: 'Hokey Cokey', 'Sleeping Bunnies' and 'Shake Your Sillies'.

02.07.24 History: We have been discussing the different toys, games and activities that people and children used to play in the past. One of these was 'dressing up'! So we got our historian costume box out and the children chose their favourite costume and we played 'dressing up'.

19.6.24 The children enjoyed a lovely picnic and a play at the park in the sunshine.

18.6.24 The children enjoyed making their own England flags for the euros.

13.6.24 The children enjoyed making their fathers day cards.

11.06.24 Art Competition: A local company is donating two prizes of vouchers that can be used to buy toys. To win the vouchers the children had to create a piece of artwork linked to British wildlife or plants/flowers. So we decided to create footprint ladybirds. They look fantastic! Fingers crossed... we hope to win! Winners are announced on Wednesday in assembly.

07.06.24 - Maths: Capacity - The children have been identifying containers, bottles, cups etc that are: 'empty', 'nearly empty', 'half full', 'nearly full' and 'full'.

06.06.24 We went to the shops this afternoon to look at Father's Day cards and presents. Then we had a drink and snack in McDonalds. The children were fantastic!

05.06.24 Joanna the Library lady came into school to read our children a multi-sensory story this afternoon, the children enjoyed making their own collage of the bee from the story.

17.05.24 Mathematics: Capacity - We have been identifying which containers are 'empty' and which containers are 'full'.

16.05.24 PHSE: The children participated in an adult-led game called: ‘Pop Up Pirate’. They choose which colour swords they wanted using PECS and verbal communication. The children began to establish and develop positive friendships with their class peers. They took turns putting their swords into the barrel, waiting with anticipation for the pirate to pop out!

14.05.24 COMPUTING: Together, the children created an algorithm (sequence of pictorial instructions in the correct order) of making a pizza. We used the arrow cards to make a simple flow algorithm diagram.

09.05.24 We have had a lovely afternoon at Tweddle Farm, we even got to feed the calves!

07.05.24 COMPUTING: Together, the children created an algorithm (sequence of pictorial instructions in the correct order) of making a cheese sandwich. We used the arrow cards to make a simple flow algorithm diagram. The children chose whether they wanted grated cheese or slice cheese in their sandwich.

01.05.24 'Bamboozle', a musical theatre group, was in school today, came into our classroom this afternoon to do a musical interlude!

30.04.24 Mathematics: 2D Shapes - The children have worked extremely hard, identifying a variety of 2D Shapes and describing their properties.

Our Class Assembly: 'The Enormous Turnip' (29.04.24)

This is "The Enormous Turnip Assembly1" by jane on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

29.04.24 Our children were fantastc in our class assembly this morning. They were brilliant at acting out the story of: 'The Enormous Turnip''. Well done Anaconda Class, you were all amazing!

26.04.24 Our Finn has received the 'Wonderful Award' in assembly this afternoon. Well done Finn!

18.04.24 The children have been creating their own enormous turnip pictures in art this week. They look amazing!

15.04.24 Our new story this term is called; 'The Enormous Turnip'. The children pretended to be the different characters in the story and we all helped each other to pull out the turnip. We had lots of fun acting this story out!

26.03.24 ART/RE The children have been making some fantastic Easter cards this morning!

26.3.24 MUSIC: Our Anaconda children love music lessons! This term, we have been listening to Holst Planets, Vivaldi Four Seasons and a variety of nature songs e.g. ‘All things bright and beautiful’, ‘Never smile at a crocodile’, ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’ etc. We also had fun, singing songs which involved dancing with a scarf, tapping sticks and using a piece of lycra!

22.3.24 HISTORY Exploring Our Local Area: Hartlepool Marina - The children have been looking at a variety of black and white pictures of old ships that have sailed into Hartlepool Marina many years ago. We then looked at some new ships that have just recently visited our Marina during Tall Ship Races 2023. The children sorted the ship pictures into two groups: ‘new’ and ‘old’.

HISTORY: We have been exploring our local park: Ward Jackson Park. We looked at some old photos of the park and compared them to what it looks like now. The children sort pictures of the park into two groups: ‘new’ and ‘old’.

20.03.24 ART: We have been painting 'roses' with celery stalks today! We were surprised at how effective they looked!

20.03.04 RE & ART: The children have been making their own Ramadan, Sun Catcher Lanterns.

19.03.24 RE: The children have been learning about Ramadan. In cookery this morning, the children have been making nutritious Ramadan Date, Banana and Cinnamon Milkshakes.

14.03.24 PHSE: We have been learning about all the different people in our community that help us.

13.03.24 LITERACY/SCIENCE: The children have been planting their own beans. We are excited to watch them grow.

12.3.24 Science - Today, the children have been learning about what a plant needs to grow. Yesterday, the children identified the different parts of a plant.

08.03.24 PHSE: We identified people who helps the children at school. We discussed how the teacher, the teaching assistants and lunch time assistants help the children in school.

08.03.24 PHSE: We identified people who helped the children at home. We discussed which family member helped them do specific tasks e.g. Who helps them get a bath? Who helps them to complete their homework? Who helps them to get ready for school? etc.

07.08.24 WORLD BOOK DAY! The children enjoyed sharing their favourite books with their class peers that they had brought in from home.

07.03.24 Swimming: The children have been working hard; completing their little duckling targets in the water!

04.03.24 Art: TEXTILES The children have made their own felt caterpillars. They look brilliant!

15.02.24 We visited Tweddle Farm this afternoon and we were over the moon to feed the calves some milk.

14.02.24 Today in Literacy, we read the story: 'Happy Valentine's Day Little Mouse'. In the story, the little mouse made loads of valentine's day cards for all his friends. After reading the story, we made our own valentine's day cards. They were lovely!

13.02,24 PANCAKE DAY: We have been making pancakes this morning. The children chose their own topping to put on them. We had strawberry, caramel, chocolate sauce and golden syrup.

06.02.24 SAFER INTERNET DAY: We have been reading the story about: ‘Mo and Jaz’. We discussed that if we see something online that makes you feel worried or upset, you don’t have to carry on looking at it. Always tell a grown-up if something changes online that makes you feel worried or upset. The children drew and labelled their trusted adults who would help them to stay safe online at school and at home.

05.02.24 CHINESE NEW YEAR: We have been learning about Chinese New Year. In cookery we have been making our very own Chinese 'Egg Fried Rice'. It was delicious!

29.01.24 OUR CLASS ASSEMBLY: The Hungry Caterpillar!

COMPUTING UNPLUGGED: The children have been playing 'Dino Hop' and 'Foot Print Algorithms'.

30.01.24 COMPUTING: The children have been sequencing some of their favourite nursery rhymes and creating our own pictorial algorithms. We discussed our logical reasoning and Jane our teacher supported the children to explain what picture card came next and why. Jane then mixed the cards up and we had to do some debugging.

25.01.24 SCIENCE: PLANTS The children went to their local Garden Centre in Hartlepool this afternoon to look at a variety of plants, shrubs and flowers. The children looked closely at the colourful primroses and they enjoyed smelling the different herbs.

23.01.24 Speaking and Listening - The children used the PECs board to help them to communicate/request what they needed to make their own strawberry jam on toast. The children practiced their spreading skills and their mathematical development by 'halving' their piece of toast into 2 equal halves.

17.01.24 Geography: We visited Ward Jackson Park and we took photos of all the different features we saw e.g. trees, clock tower, pond, cafe, playground, park benches, hedges, bins, sculptures etc. We also saw swans, geese, ducks, a squirrel and a robin! 23.01.24 We looked closely at these features and differentiated them into two groups: things that are man-made and things that are natural.

17.01.24 Maths: The children have been practicing cutting 'whole' food objects into 'two halves'. We have been sorting pictures of 'whole' and 'half' objects into two groups. We have learned that 1 whole is equal to 2 halves.

16.01.24 COOKERY: We have been making pear crumble! With adult support, the children peeled and chopped up the pears into small chunks. The children tasted the crumble when it was cooked and they thought it was delicious!

11.01.24 ART: The children have been creating their own hand printed caterpillars using different coloured paints!

9.01.24 Science PLANTS: The children have enjoyed going for a nature walk around our school ground to look for different types of trees, bushes and plants. When we returned to class, the children had a go at drawing and labelling what they found.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Animated Film

We are reading the story called: 'The Hungry Caterpillar' for the first 3 weeks in January. Please take the time to watch this story with your child at home.

Caroline - Autumn 2023 - Topic Web 'Old & New'

Week beginning 11th December 2023

Christmas Activities


This week we have had a lot of Christmas fun going on.  We started the week with our Christmas play on Monday and Tuesday and I am sure you will agree we had amazing little snowflakes on that stage.  Then on Wednesday we all enjoyed our Christmas party, we had some fabulous dancing from the Anacondas.  Then on Thursday we had a lovely visit to Imagination Village and Anacondas had the best time role playing in all of the different areas.  Then to finish the week off we had our Christmas dinner, with crackers, party hats and some singing to finish off.

Week beginning 4th December 2023

Maths - Positional Language


This week in Maths we started our positional language.  We put the teddy under, on and in the box.  Anacondas were very good with putting the teddy where asked, some with a visual clue some just being asked verbally.

Week beginning 27th November 2023



This week we have began our History lesson and it is all about ourselves and how we have changed from then to now.  We looked at our baby photos and decided who was who and matched them with a recent picture.  We did some role play with the doll, feeding, changing, playing and putting the baby to bed and we talked about how that is different from how we do things for ourselves now.



Week beginning 13th November 2023

Maths - Odd One Out


This week in Maths we have been concentrating on the Odd One Out from a group of objects.  We started off by using teddies, spoons, dinosaurs and plates and adding an object that was the odd one out.  We then moved on to finding the picture that was the odd one out.  We have worked really hard and are now very good at spotting the odd one out.

Week beginning 6th November 2023

Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative and Expressive. 



This week we had our first music session with Mike the Music Man (Tees Valley Music Service).  We enjoyed singing along with all the songs, faster and slower (especially heads, shoulders, knees and toes). We also loved it when we could play our own musical instrument.


Week beginning 23rd October 2023

ICT - Art Attack


This week we began our ICT work and it was all about drawing using a simple graphic package.  The children used different colours and sizes of the pens to draw a food of their choice.  

Week beginning 16th October 2023

Literacy - Stomp Dinosaur Stomp


This week we have started a new story in our literacy lesson.  We are reading 'Stomp Dinosaur Stomp'.  Anaconda class have enjoyed acting out the story by stomping and strolling around the classroom.  We then created our own dinosaurs and dinosaur feet, have a look at our lovely work.


Week beginning 16th October 2023

Science - Understanding the World


In Science we have been exploring how things work and this week it was parachutes.  We used bags to throw in the are by blowing into them and watched them fall.  We then got out the big parachute and moved it up, down, fast and slow making lots of different movements.  We all loved this activity and loved sitting underneath it to make a tent.