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Hello Pandas,


I hope everyone is working hard and being good for their grown-ups! Today we will read again, login to Education City, complete another Letters and Sounds activity, make a packed lunch for our design and tech work and complete some PHSE work. 




Just like yesterday, please read the reading book that was sent home in your pack to an adult. You also need to login to Education City to complete a reading task. 


Tyler - can you please complete one of those Bear comprehension sheets I sent home in your pack. 


Letters and Sounds


Continuing to look at the digraph 'CH'. Watch the following video and refresh your memory to the phonemes you should be comfortable with - encourage your child to join in with each sound and action. 

Jolly Phonics Songs in correct order! Letters and Sounds


Then complete this online activity for the digraph 'CH' and complete this worksheet.  


Design and Technology


You may remember from our last week working from home that your child was asked to design their own packed lunch box - a box that would safely deliver a lunch from one pirate ship to another. We completed more work related to this in school last week. So your task today is to make your own packed lunch to eat at home - if you want to make it pirate themed that would be lovely! Let me know how you get on. 



Following on from last weeks lesson when we talked about the adults in your lives who love you and keep you safe. I thought it would be a nice idea to get creative and make them either a picture or card thanking them for the kind and helpful things that they do for you. Remember to either put on the reason why you chose them or tell them when you hand the surprise over. 

Have fun.


Happy working everyone, see you tomorrow.