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Happy Wednesday Pangolins


It is halfway through the week. 

Remember to work on those dressing and undressing skills.

Today we are going to read our story, play with salt dough, sing our number rhyme. This afternoon is nursery rhymes and it would be our rebound time so if you have a trampoline please play on it or go to the park.

Time to get on with our jobs.


Good Morning Pangolins

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Wednesday is a green day.

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How's the Weather Song

Makaton Topic - WEATHER - Singing Hands

Activity - Complete the colour matching game from your Home Learning Pack or find some green things at home.


Time for our story and songs.

Song 1 - I love Red - Full Song | Music - Little Red Riding Hood

Song 4 - Stay on the path - Full Song | Music - Little Red Riding Hood

Activity- Play with salt dough or play dough.

Encourage your child to pat, squeeze or squash the play dough.


Play time - play alongside your child.

Snack Time - keep trying those different snacks. Pangolins remember to use your symbols to ask for your snacks.


Time for Numbers.

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree with Makaton - Singing Hands

Activity - Sing the rhyme, count the monkeys and try the signs.


Time for Lunch

Keep trying those different foods Pangolins.


This afternoon Time for rhymes.


Watch Mr Tumble and then sing some rhymes from your Home Learning Pack.

CBeebies | Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes Playlist

Wednesday is our rebound afternoon so if you have a trampoline at home, please use it.

If not, go to the park and play on the different equipment at the park.


Then share a story.

I think Pangolins will have worked hard, time for Home Learning to finish for the day.


Janis, Karen, Niamh, Sandra and Sue