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Welcome to Zebra Class


Meet the Teaching Staff

Class Teachers: Louise


Teaching Assistants: Mel, Chloe, Caitlin, Shaunie and Emily.




The children in Zebra class follow the 'SPARKLE CURRICULUM' which is delivered in a multi-sensory, creative way which enables pupils to access learning using their senses.



· MOTIVATING Our pupils learn when they are interested, stimulated and engaged.

· RELEVANT It is relevant to the learning styles of the pupils and takes into account their prior knowledge and learning needs.

· CHALLENGING All teaching staff have high and realistic expectations of the pupils and with specialised, inclusive teaching — progress is evident.

· FOCUSED Shared targets from EHCP, Physiotherapists, OT, SALT etc. are central to the pupils provision.




1st May 2023 - Bank holiday 

8th May 2023 - Bank holiday 

18th-19th May 2023 - Springwell and Throston's 50th birthday

24th May 2023 - Tall ships - picnic in the park 

26th May 2023 - Training day - School closed to pupils

29th May- 2nd June 2023 - Half term 

5th June 2023 - Return to school 

12th-16th June 2023 - Holy island residential 

19th July 2023 - Leavers assembly at St Hilda's church 

20th July 2023 - End of term 

24th-27th July 2023 - Summer school 


Sports day fun!

Zebras had fun taking part in parachute games, volleyball, bowling, obstacle races and boccia.

Parachute Disco

Today we enjoyed a parachute disco! We all explored the parachute with songs and dancing.

Last swimming session!

Today we have all had fun in the swimming pool, for our last swimming session of the school year. Happy summer!

Sensory Swing

Today the children enjoyed improving their gross motor skills by using the sensory swing in school. All children had lots of smiles on their faces!

Seaton Park

Today the children visited the park at Seaton, improving their gross motor skills by running and jumping around the park. Full of laughs and smiles. 

Pirate Day

We had lots of fun on pirate day and everyone looked fantastic dressed as pirates.  We walked the plank, threw water bombs, found treasure, danced along to pirate action songs and finished the day off at the Museum. 

Pirate Art

Today we enjoyed painting parrots using corks. They were so colourful. 

Bambooozled theatre company

Today we enjoyed a visit from a theatre company who specialise in working with children with additional needs. It is very much a child-led show in which intensive interaction plays a big part.

Our children in team Africa really engaged and enjoyed themselves. Look at those smiles! 

Pirate cup cakes

Today we went into the Design Technology room to bake some cupcakes. Following on from our Pirate theme this term, we decorated them with pirate sprinkles and rice paper images. 
Don’t they look great!

Splashing around

We filled the paddling pool today to cool down. We even put the slide in it to make a bigger splash! We love the sunshine!


Trim trail

We regularly go to play on the trim trail in all weathers. We all especially love the slide and climbing area. 

A walk out to the park

To take advantage of the sunshine, we walked to the park to play on the equipment. We improved our gross motor skills and took appropriate risks to improve our physical development, but most of all, we had FUN!

We love music

We love our weekly music session in Zebra Class. We all choose our own instruments and take it turns playing to songs such as, “The Music Man.”

We're going on a bear hunt

For our story this week we re-inacted the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' outside. We made our own cave, stream and storm. We also enjoyed going over, under and through the hoops, improving our gross motor skills. 


The children have enjoyed some relaxation this morning, with music, sensory oils, massages and a footspa. 

Kings coronation.

The children in Zebra's have been enjoying making lots of crafts for the kings coronation along with stories and songs. 

No pens day.

As part of no pens day, our class has worked with Kyra using pecs to communicate their wants to decorate biscuits. Some of the children enjoyed this activity and wanted more!

Animal Encounter.

Today we had a special visit from the animal encounter. The children enjoyed meeting all the animals and some were very brave and touched them. Well done Zebra class. 

Troll painting.

The children have enjoyed getting messy outside and painting some troll pictures. 

Tweddle Farm.

Today we visited Tweddle farm to find the billy goats. We also played on bridges listening out for the troll. We also enjoyed the bouncing pillows and play area. 

'Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?'

Today we walked to Bishop Cuthbert park to trip trap over the bridge and also enjoyed playing in the play area. 

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff."


As part of our new story, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," we visited Summerhill with our friend, the Troll.

We searched for bridges and enjoyed playing on the play equipment.

We also practised improving our gross motor skills and playing alongside  each other.