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Spring Term

27.2.24 - Today the children have been creating caterpillars to link with our class story "The Hungry Caterpillar" by threading beads and by sticking balls together.

12.2.24 - Today Toucan class did some mark making on a giant piece of paper! We used crayons and pencils and had lots of fun! Well done!

6.2.24 - Today Toucan class visited Tweddle Farm in search of a peacock which appears in our class story this week! The children found the animals and then had a lovely time in the play area.

29.1.24 - Today toucan class have been doing some symbol exchanges to ask for different food colouring to add to water and then freeze to create colourful ice cubes!

24.1.24 - Toucan class all really enjoyed their Rebound session this week!

16.1.24 - Today it snowed at Springwell! Toucan class enjoyed playing outside in the snow making snowballs.

8.1.24 - Today toucan class cooked and tasted rice and lots of different spices in cookery. Everyone enjoyed eating it all! Yum!

4.1.24 - Today Toucan class have been making tissue paper panda faces in art. We read the story "Panda bear, panda bear what do you see?" and then scrunched up lots of tissue and glued it down to make some lovely black and white pandas.