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Good Morning Pandas.


I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had this weekend? This is the plan for today - Letters and Sounds, Reading, English and Maths. 


Letters and Sounds


This week we are concentrating on the sound 'CH'. Please watch the following videos and then practice the sound by segmenting and blending your spelling words and practicing writing them. 


Alphablocks - Word Magic "CH-O-P" & "CH-I-P" ( Yellow Level Step 8)



We always read on a Monday to an adult. Please read the book you've been sent home in your pack to your adult. If you weren't in school last week then please try to see if you have a book suitable to read. A reading activity for all children has been set on Education City to be completed. If you need a reminder of any Education City passwords then please email me 




Last week in school we started the book 'The Pirate Next Door'. Please watch the following video and then design your own pirate flag. Your flag may have something scary on like a skull and crossbones or it may represent you by showing a drawing of something you love such as your favourite video game character or your favourite cartoon. I'm looking forward to seeing them. 

The Pirate's Next Door



Blue /Green Table: last week in school we looked at sharing amounts equally. For example we looked at sharing 15 straws between 3 plates and then seeing how many straws each plate had. We are going to continue this work this week. I am going to use the National Academy lessons to help the children continue to understand this at home. Please watch the lesson using the link below - you will need some uncooked pasta or Lego bricks to use as counting objects. There is a little recap quiz at the start of the lesson - please just chose the skip button to get past this. I've also attached the worksheets you will need to complete this lesson and an extra sheet for practice. 

Red Table: last week we looked at dividing objects and amounts into tenths. Watch the following explanation and then there is an activity on Education City that needs completing. Finally there is a worksheet to complete. 

An Introduction to Tenths


That's everything for today. Remember, any questions, comments and to share your work please email me