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Welcome back to all our returning pupils, and to the new pupils joining our school!


As with many areas of life currently, there are a few considerations to bear in mind while coronavirus restrictions are still in place.


Classes are 'bubbled', meaning, at first, at least, we will not be mixing with other classes, nor will many of our normal weekly activities be available. These include all swimming activities, all off-site activities, and soft play.


Children will remain in the classroom more than they usually would, including at dinner time, though we hope to reintegrate all typical activities as soon as possible.


Other important pieces of information are listed below:-


  • The drop off time for children in South America is 8:50, and pick up is 3:00. Please stick to these times as closely as possible, to avoid mixing with parents and children from other bubbles.
  • Attendance is mandatory. Parents and carers are expected to send their children to school unless they are ill.
  • If your child, or a member of your household, shows any symptoms, they must not attend school and must isolate at home.

    Please take your child's temperature each morning and do not send them to school if it is 37.8 or above.

  • Initially, there will be no swimming, soft play, assemblies or out of school trips. We hope to resume these soon.

  • There will be hot school dinners available and they will be eaten in class.

  • School uniforms are to be worn (though they no-longer need daily washing).
  • Children should have their hands washed before coming to school in the morning. Regular hand washing will take place during the school day.
  • In the event of a positive coronavirus test within our bubble, all children and staff will be sent home to self-isolate as per the government guidelines. If this happens I will phone you to consult on how you feel I could best help you support your child's learning from home, and provide whatever assistance I can (assuming of course it isn't me that tests positive, and I am well enough to do so). In the case that it is myself who is ill, another member of staff will get in touch to provide support and ideas, and consult on how we can help you from home.


At the moment, parents and carers are unable to come into our school building so any messages can be written in the children's orange "Home School Books." Please telephone school if you require any further information or want to speak  to a member of staff.

Welcome to Caiman Class



Caiman Class is an Autism Specific Class made up of 8 Key Stage 2 children. There are five members of staff, Andrew Mayson the class teacher, Annette (HLTA), Jo, Val and Grace (teaching Assistants).  

The children follow an adapted curriculum appropriate to their individual needs. We follow the TEACCH approach at regular intervals throughout the day. 


The school hours for Caiman class will be 8.50 am - 3.00 pm, we will remain in our class bubble throughout the school day with regular hand washing as part of our daily routine.


We will continue to take part in the 'Daily Mile' each day in the playground.


Our weekly PE session will be on Wednesday's, please send in PE kits with children when they return back to school.


Unfortunately we will be unable to take part in swimming sessions until further notice, we will keep you updated on the situation as much as we can.

Important Dates:-


01.09.20 -Staff Training Day (School Closed)

02.09.20 - School open for all children

18.09.20 - School Photographs

25.09.20 - Genes for Jeans Day

22.10.20 - Children finish for half-term (Non-Uniform Day)

23.10.20 - Staff Training Day (School Closed)

02.11.20 - School Open - all children to return to school after half-term

18.11.20 - Parents Evening

18.12.20 - End of Term - Break up for Christmas

Caiman's Topic Web Autumn 2020

Communication Group Songs: Here are the links to some of the songs we have been practising and learning during our weekly communication group.



Computing Display

14/10/20 Caimans Outside Area: We enjoy using our outdoor area and we are developing our tidying up skills at the end of the day.

13 10 20 PSHE: friendship - We made cards and friendship bracelets for our friends.

12/10/20 Music: We have been practising tapping a beat using sticks to our rhyme 'hammer hammer'. Then we had lots of fun using boxes, tubs, pots, pans and bowls to tap our beat and make lots of noise !!!

6/10/20 PSHE: We made gingerbread and named parts of our bodies and then we decorated our Gingerbread as ourselves.

5/10/20 Literacy: Retelling the story of Pinocchio with stick puppets

1/10/20 Art: creating prints with stamps - We painted the edges of objects to create stamps and then pressed them onto paper to create prints.

29/9/20 Computing: We practised using our mouse skills on the computer playing different games.

29/9/20 Literacy: cutting skills - making Pinocchio puppets

Pinocchio Story: We are currently exploring the story of Pinocchio in class, here is a PowerPoint if you would like to explore this story further at home.

25/9/20 History: Exploring clothes we wear when we are babies.

Clap Along 1 | Brain Breaks | Green Bean's Music | Interactive Songs

23/9/20 RE: We explored the celebration of Rosh Hashana. We discovered what happens during Rosh Hashana and we dipped apple into honey and tasted it and we tasted pomegranate.

22/9/20 PSHE: Sharing with our friends - We have been learning why it is important to share.

22/9/20 Computing: we explored and talked about the computer models we made in last weeks lesson and then we labelled parts of a computer on the interactive screen.

17/9/20 Geography: Exploring, recognising and naming rooms around school.

15/9/20 Computing: We had fun making and labelling our own junk model computers. We have been naming each part of a computer and learning what each part does.

14/9/20 Art: Printing - We had fun printing to create pictures of animals using our hands.

10/9/20 Science: Exploring and sorting materials.

9/9/20 Communication Group: We enjoyed learning some makaton signs and songs.

7.9.20 Art: Printing - we had fun squeezing paint on to the table then making patterns with a paint brush and other utensils. We then made prints of our patterns by laying a paper towel over the top and pressing lightly to create a print.

2.9.20 - Caiman Class are having a fantastic first day back at school. We have had lots of fun exploring our new outside area, including the 'Caimans Theatre stage' and the 'Pirate Ship'.