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World Book Day 2021

Lessons and Activities


Morning Dragons,


Please see below the plan for an exciting and action packed day of lessons and activities to celebrate World Book Day 2021! If the children were in school they would be dressed in their pyjamas so feel free to leave your pj's on and have fun!


In 2021 World Book Day, just like everything else, will be different. World Book Day has been adapted and aims to send a powerful and positive message about books and reading, even in lockdown.

See the exciting new developments that are in store for this year’s World Book Day campaign.


Follow the below links to access the following resources:


Look at the Author & Illustrator Academy to view some amazing videos - World Book Day author & illustrator videos for schools

Watch live stories - Events (

Check out some free Audio Books - World Book Day Audiobooks


Share a story with your family

Find creative ways to share a story with your family (SEE TIPS FOR READING STORIES): read to others in your household, FaceTime your grandparents or even phone a friend! Ask them if they have a story to share with you.

World Book Day Scavenger Hunt!


Try the below activities sheets:

Group 1 & 2: Scavenger Hunt – 5-7 years old

Group 3 & 4: Scavenger Hunt – 9-11 years old

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Activity Booklet


Feel free to complete as many of the activities from the booklet as you would like! You will find them all fun and know what to do as you all have great knowledge of the story and have produced some wonderful Literacy work during lockdown!

Role play


Select you favourite part of the story, watch/read that particular part and act out the scene wither members of your household. Be creative and find clothing/accessories around the house to dress up as different characters, for example, put cushions up your jumper if you are playing the part of Violet Beauregarde.


Story Writing


Complete the following storyboard based on your favourite part of the story:

Group 1: To write three tick sentences to sequence four key moments of your favourite part (storyboard – page 1).

Group 2: To write four tick sentences to sequence four key moments of your favourite part (storyboard – page 1).

Group 3: To write four tick sentences to sequence six key moments of your favourite part (storyboard – page 2).

Group 4: To write five tick sentences to sequence eight key moments of your favourite part (storyboard – page 3).


Ask your children to read their storyboard out aloud to the rest of the household (using the top tips above, if possible).