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18th -22nd January

Hello Zebra class!

Hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend! 

This week you will all be learning from home. I will be adding various activities in this section for you to engage with. You have also got worksheets to complete that got sent home last Friday! I will also be giving you a ring sometime during the week to check you are all ok!


Parents/Carers - It would be great if you could email me some photos of your child completing these tasks on: 

Thank you,



Each day, before you begin your remote learning, listen to our days of the week song, weather song, feelings song and wake up, shake up song, which we do each day in school. These are all under the 'Teaching and Learning Resources' section of the class page. 


Monday 18th January - 

Literacy - Please read the story 'The Gruffalo' with your child using the powerpoint uploaded below. Draw their attention to the different characters in the story by pointing out and naming each animal (mouse, fox, owl, snake). Discuss where they might live and what they might eat. 

Use the Communicate and Print symbols (sent home in the pack)  to ask questions about the story to check your child's understanding. 


Maths - Practise your counting skills by joining in with the counting rhymes on: 

Next, work with your child on forming the numbers correctly. Show them how to form them the correct way and see if they can copy. 


Art - In Art our topic is on 'Sculptures' We are going to start by making some patterns in clay using different household items e.g. kitchen utensils. If you have playdough at home you can  use this or you could some salt dough by following the recipe below. If you are unable to make this you can use paper and make different patterns using pens/crayons.

Tuesday 19th January 


Literacy - Let your child watch the 'Gruffalo' story by clicking the link 

Repeat identifying the different characters in the story. 

Encourage your child to join in with the story by joining in with the repetitive phrases e.g.

A Gruffalo? What's a Gruffalo?

A Gruffalo, Why didn't you know ? 


Now get your child to draw a picture of one of the animals from the story and label it. They can write over your word, write their own word or to challenge them further write their own sentence about their picture. 


Phonics- This week our sound of the week is 'g'. Please watch the Jolly Phonics clip on youtube below and get your child to join in with the action and say the sound 'g'.  Practise forming the letter 'g' in the air and then onto paper. Can you think of any words beginning with 'g'? 


PE - Please use these fun PE activities below to keep active this week! 

Each activity has instructions when you click onto them. 

Have fun keeping fit!

Jolly Phonics "g" Sounds

Wednesday 20th January 


Literacy- Re-read 'The Gruffalo' from Monday's powerpoint and talk about what is happening at the beginning of the story, the middle and the end of the story. 

Now try and sequence the story using the sequencing powerpoint below. 


Maths- Practise counting up to 10 and then 20 if you can. Can you try counting backwards from 10 back down to 0?

Now sing this number rhyme uploaded below. Check you are singing the numbers in order correctly.


History - Our new topic in History is all about holidays. Have a chat to someone you live with about any holidays you may have been on. Where did you go? Who did you go with? How did you get there? What type of things did you do there? Maybe you could look at some photographs and if you have any share them next week in school too! 

Now go through the powerpoint below and discuss each slide with parents/carers. 


Thursday 21st January 


Communication & Language-​​​​​​ Watch and join in with the Gruffalo song below.


Maths-  Practise your counting skills by completing the Counting the Gruffalo sheet and record your answers. If this is too easy for you, there is also an addition sheet below. Can you find the total number of Gruffalo's? 


DT Cookery - I have posted a recipe for some 'Gruffalo Crumble', if you could maybe help your parents in the kitchen to make some fruit crumble. Take some photographs and send them to my email :) 

Gruffalo Song

Friday 22nd January 


Communication & Language- Watch the video below and now learn the Makaton signs to go with the 'Gruffalo' song. Can you remember the signs for :


*Terrible tusks

*Terrible claws

*Terrible teeth

*Terrible jaws

*Knobbly knees

*Turned-out toes

*Poisonous wart on nose

*Orange eyes

*Black tongue

*Purple prickles on back


Phonics - We are continuing with our sound of the week  'g'. 

Have a look around your house and see if you can find any objects beginning with the letter 'g'. Don't forget to take and send photographs! 


Relaxation Time- After working hard all week, you deserve some relaxation time. Join in the Gruffalo based yoga on the link below.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing your lovely, happy faces in school on Monday 25th January. 


Take care,


The Gruffalo Song in Makaton

Julia Donaldson, her husband Malcolm, and special guest perform The Gruffalo Song with Makaton signs.

Makaton Signs

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