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Good morning,


You've made it to the last day of half-term! Well done everyone and thank you for your commitment and effort over the last six weeks!


Here are today's lessons/activities:


Lexia: Please try to access Lexia for 20-30 minutes a day as this will help with your child’s phonics and reading comprehension.


Daily Mile (15 minutes): Play your favourite songs and explore a range different dances – be creative and have fun. Get your family involved.

Please send me some photos!


PE: Gymnastics:


Group 1 & 2: Complete activity cards and put three different movements into a sequence.

Group 3 & 4: Attempt a series of different sequences from the below activity sheet.

Feel free the adapt the sequences based on your physical ability.


Extension: complete the challenge from the below video:

Weekly Challenge - Gymnastics Heads/Shoulders/Knees and Toes

Try our latest weekly challenge - our gymnastics coaches brought to you this week the heads, shoulders, knees and toes challenge!

RE: Islam


Read the below PowerPoint and make comments on:

What does a sacrifice mean?

Why it’s important to think of others, before yourself?

How can the story help you in your own life?


Complete the ‘Be my Guest’ worksheet by drawing your favourite meal on the plate that you would then have to give away to someone else. Explore how it felt to have to give their favourite meal away to someone else.


Then explore how it felt to receive a meal from someone else.

PSHE: Healthy Eating


List different healthy foods (group 1 &2) and see if you can put them into the five main food groups (group 3 & 4) – protein, fats and sugars, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates and dairy.


Complete the below activities:


Group 1 & 2: Sorting food.

Group 3 & 4: Sorting items into food groups.

Extension: Design your own healthy diet - write down three healthy meals.


It's half term next week, so chance to put your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved rest!


Take care everyone!