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New Feature to Website

We are pleased to let you know about an exciting update to our school website.

The next time you look at your website and view the calendar, you will be able to see a link called ‘Link the school events to your personal calendar’.

This link enables parents to subscribe to the school’s calendar so the events in it will appear in their personal calendar. This can be on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Things to know:

  • By clicking the link, parents will get the option to subscribe to the school’s calendar on their default calendar (for example, on an iPhone it will go to the iPhone calendar); download it to their Google calendar; or manually input it to your calendar programme of choice.
  • As the school edits their calendar, the updates will appear automatically in the parent’s calendar.
  • Parents can name the calendar and choose how often to receive updates.
  • Parents can unsubscribe via their own calendar at any time.