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Tell a Joke 2016/2017

Some exciting news for Springwell School again this year.


In October 2016, Springwell School signed up to take part in the Voice Box “Tell a Joke” competition.


All of the pupils were very excited to take part again, because last year one of our pupils was lucky enough and funny enough to get through to the national finals, which were held in The Houses of Parliament in London.


On Friday 11th November 2016, school held an X Factor style contest where the pupils performed their joke in front of the rest of the school and our guest judges.


The judges both agreed that it was a very difficult decision to choose a finalist, and after some deliberation they chose Aeron Valencia as Springwell’s entrant.


Aeron’s joke was submitted to The Voice Box and then all we could do was wait…then on Saturday 17th December 2016 we received the news that Aeron’s joke was so funny that he too has secured a place in the National finals in London, which will take place this year.


Q: Why did Tigger go to the toilet?                                         

A: To look for Pooh


We are all very excited for Aeron and we will keep you posted of his time in London.